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Lake Naivasha

Part of the Great Rift Valley Lake Naivasha is one of the truly astonishing examples of aquatic beauty. One of the most famous freshwater lakes in Kenya for its amazing jaw-droppingly gorgeous scenery. 


Here is a guide about Lake Naivasha, one of the best attractions in Kenya

Fast Facts about Lake Naivasha


Naivasha is derived from Nai'posha from the massai dialect which meaning "rough waters.” It is a name that represents the mighty lake. 


Lake Naivasha stands out in the Kenyan rift valley by having the highest elevation at a frightening 1,884 meters. It consists of a complex yet articulate combination of volcanic rocks and sedimentary deposits. 


The lake is mainly fed by the Malewa and Gilgil rivers with no visible outlet; it is assumed that its outlet is an underground one. Not only is the lake impressive in terms of watery body standards as its surface area is 139 square kilometres and depth of 6M but it is also home to an extensive variety of wildlife.

All You Need to Know about Lake Naivasha 




Lake Naivasha is located outside the town of Naivasha in Nakuru County which is located north-west of Nairobi.  


Best Time to Visit


The lake can be explored during any time of the year. However, the best time to visit Lake Naivasha is the months from June to October. These are summer season months with hot yet bearable days. It is perfect for exploring the wildlife and the scenery of the area. 


Winters are also ideal for touring Lake Naivasha. It is when the climate is cold and pleasing. There will be little rain but generally the temperature is perfect for an excursion to the lake. 

Things to Do in Lake Naivasha


1- Boat safari 


Embark on a guided tour of boat safari where you will witness the concentrated wildlife, the vibrant birdlife and the beauty of the lake.  


2- Flamingos at Lake Elementaita


Residence to various colored birds, Lake Naivasha is a perfect spot to observe flamingos. Go on a tour to Lake Elementaita where you will have the opportunity to see some of the vibrant species of flamingos and more of bird species. 

3- Safari with Animals


You can enjoy wildlife viewing at the lake with a visit to  Crescent Island Sanctuary. It houses some of the wildlife in Kenya. The walking safari is an easy and perfect option, since there are no predators around.


4- Hik up at Longonot


Mount Longonot offers a hiking trail at Lake Naivasha, besides its magnificent volcanic land. During your trip to the lake, it is recommended to have a half day tour to the mount.

5- Ol Karia Geothermal Spa


Have a nice time dipping in the hot water at Ol Kara, known to be the largest geothermal spa in all Africa. The spa is a man made pool offering visitors an escape from the crowds and bustle into a tranquil and relaxing environment. 


6- Tour Kariandusi


The Kariandusi is the nearest attraction to Lake Naivasha displaying the history of mankind or the cradle of humanity. Get the chance to dig beneath the damaged walls and explore the fossils of humankind, the civilization and ruins.

7- Camp at Oloiden Campsite


One of the best experiences in Lake Naivasha is to enjoy the Oloiden Campsite for a night. Camping and observing the birds, flocks of flamingos and wildlife is the best thing to do.   


8- Horse Back Safari


It is thrilling to tour the area of Mount Longonot on a horseback. The Sanctuary Farm provides the best place to experience nature, wildlife and adventures just like rock climbing.

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